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Know more about breast cancer research to find out how we’re working to end breast cancer once and for all.

Regional Hub

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Regional Hubs across the country support the vision of our National Strategy. Branch members have a designated portfolio that contributes to the Regional Strategy.
Our dedicated members work closely with volunteers, donors and community partners to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Canada and the importance of breast cancer research.

A vital aspect of our Region Hubs is our Patient Reported Outcomes research. Our volunteers are working with local cancer centres to assist patients with recording their treatment side effects and outcomes to help direct new research initiatives for better patient care during the breast cancer journey.
Breast Cancer Canada Regional Hubs are volunteer-driven and advance our vision of an end to breast cancer. This new initiative provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to become active in supporting breast cancer research across Canada.

Support us locally to:

  • Be the driving force behind Patient Reported Outcomes research
  • Fundraise for life-saving breast cancer research
  • Raise awareness around the importance and impact of our research
  • Advocate for access to testing and breast cancer treatments

Together we can raise awareness to the importance of breast cancer research and share Breast Cancer Canada’s purpose. After all, the more we know, the sooner we can end it.

Are you interested in volunteering with a Regional Hub? Find out more. Connect with Susan Penney, Community Engagement Officer:

Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer is Vital.

Breast Cancer Canada community pop-up kiosks are held in various communities across Canada. Our intention is to connect at local shopping centres and community events to share information about ground-breaking breast cancer research and breast health.

You’ll see our Breast Cancer Canada tables and signs at selected centres. Weather permitting, our teams can be found both indoors and outside. Look for us at retail locations across Canada!